DHF works locally, regionally and nationally. Through various committees and special interest groups, we make our presence felt in many different contexts.

Local Branches
DHF’s local branches constitute the backbone of the association. They represent the members locally, and the enthusiastic volunteers arrange a large number of events and cosy gatherings, where you, as a member, can come and have a chat with others, who are in the same situation as yourself. In short, the local branches form a network for the members of DHF.

A network of specialised knowledge
The special interest groups represent the diagnostic-specific interest care. DHF does not engage in diagnoses or specific disabilities as such. Nevertheless, we accommodate members, who may have an interest or need for specialised knowledge of the challenges they face. For this reason, DHF has set up 4 special interest groups that do just that.

The 4 special interest groups are; Forældrekredsen (the parental group), Ungdomskredsen (the Youth group), Amputationskredsen (an interest group for amputees) and RYK – a group for the spinal cord injured in Denmark. In addition to the four special interest groups, DHF also provides access to networks and groups, where members can meet like-minded people and discuss the specific challenges they face.

DHF is represented in all of Denmark’s five regions, where locally elected leaders take responsibility at the regional level. The regional representatives’ primary task is to support the work of the local branches across the region, as well as working towards creating events across the region's local branches. Each region is represented at DHF’s Board of Directors.

The committees in DHF work nationwide, and offer assistance to both members and professionals, who need guidance and advice on e.g. physical accessibility or disability policy initiatives.

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An association governed by its members.

Organisation Structure

Organisation Structure

An overview of how different parts of DHF connect.

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