Personal Advisor Service

Bring a personal advisor to your meetings with the local authorities.

DHF offers its members to provide a 'personal advisor', who can act as an extra pair of eyes and ears during meetings with local authorities.

We know from experience that having a breadth of view may be challenging, when you are personally involved with your own case.

A 'personal advisor' is a volunteer who is educated and trained to offer you support at meetings, and who will offer to talk things over with you, both before and after your meeting.The advisor cannot be appointed any personal files, nor can (s)he act as an expert, who can argue a case for you, neither orally, nor written.
The 'personal advisor' is your assisting eyes and ears and a personal support, who can help you to recall what was said, to create structure and thus contribute to a satisfactory meeting.

All of our advisors are pledged to secrecy and work in accordance with DHF’s ethical fundamental values.

Contact us for more information on +45 39 29 35 55 or by email:

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