Build Accessibly

DHF offers you advice on how to build accessibly.

When building facilities that are suitable for people with disabilities, it is important to seek advice and guidance.

Physical accessibility is not something that comes into being of its own accord. At the same time, it is our experience that people without disabilities - who are thus not dependent on physical accessibility as such - are not quite aware of the importance of physical accessibility for people who have a disability.

Not only is there a vast number of laws and regulations that can be difficult to navigate around, and not all accessibility solutions are equally good. Furthermore, what may immediately appear as a simple door threshold, can make the difference between someone feeling included and not feeling included. 

In DHF’s Committee of Building and Traffic policy (BTPU), we have gathered the help you need, as accessible building construction is a complex matter. We work to make it as simple as possible to make buildings and public spaces accessible, with solutions that are satisfactory for everyone.

Support The Danish Association of the Physically Disabled

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