The Danish Association of the Disabled is a nationwide member organization with 8.000 members, 49 local branches, 4 special groups and a head quarter.

Local branches
The local branches of DHF is the backbone of the association. They represents the members locally and have many events where members can meet each other and talk about shared interests.  Local branches create a network for the members. 

Special groups
DHF is not a diagnostic association who works on one specific subject. We are an association who works for better living conditions for persons with physical disabilities in general. 

Still the need to focus on a specific challenge within the group of members can occur. For this purpose we have made four special groups. 

The four special groups are The Parents Group, The Youth Goup, The Amputee Group and The Spinal Cord Injuried. 

DHF  also has access to network and groups besides the four special groups, where members can meet like-minded and discuss specific challenges.

DHF has an executive committee and a number of committees composed by the representatives. 

All activities originates therefore from the executive committee and the other committees. They are elected at the biannual congress, held in even years. See rules and structure of DHF in the statutes

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