DHF works for an open and accessible society.

Being able to live a free, self-determinant and active life is of utmost importance for all people. For this to become possible, we need to be able to move around freely, and without obstacles.

However, for the majority of people with disabilities, free and self-determinant mobility is one of the greatest challenges. This is why it is essential to ensure that we can participate away from our homes, in all aspects of life– where we want and when we want to – independently of the help of others.

For this reason, we want an open and accessible society - based on the principle of Universal Design - where everyone can move freely in public transportation, in buildings, in the public space and in man-made installations in nature.

However, accessibility alone does not solve the issue. Mobility is just as much about having access to individually adapted aids, special car aid, flexible needs-based driving arrangements, as well as good accompanying arrangements.
The compensation schemes are our arms and legs, while accessibility, mobility aids, special car aid and driving arrangements mean that we can get around on an equal footing with others, and thus make it possible to live a good and active life.

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