leisure and culture

DHF emphasises that leisure life in particular, is where people live their lives, establish relationships, exchange point of views and become a homogenous society.

For many people, a good life entails participation in association activities, sports, cultural activities, and the opportunity to become part  of interpersonal relations, without obstacles.

We want to emphasise that leisure life in particular, is where we live our lives, where we establish relationships, where we shape each other and exchange point of views, and last but not least – where we become a homogenous society.

What we want is more respect and a general recognition of those, who cannot be part of the labour market, but instead has so much to offer for other people, for instance as volunteers in association activities.

We believe that the inclusion of people with disabilities will generally be strengthened through a greater prioritisation of leisure life - for example, by giving greater significance to activities in the leisure life, when assessing the need for aids and appliances, car support and driving arrangements.

Furthermore, considerable strengthening of accessibility in society is essential.

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