Financial Circumstances

DHF seeks to ensure that everyone can have a stable and lasting income.

Regardsless of where you are in life, a good and safe private economy is a prerequisite for all people.This obviously also applies to people with disabilities.

We work towards ensuring that everyone can maintain a stable and lasting income, which takes into consideration where in life the individual is. For instance, a young person with a disability should be able to leave home and start a life at a place of his or her own, or to be in relationships on equal footing as others.

Basically, everyone should be able to live a good life the same way as anyone else, regardless of age and current life situation.

However, there is a difference between people with disabilities and people who are in a temporary need of help.
Thus, we believe that the services that people with disabilities receive, should be at a higher level.

We also believe that people with disabilities cannot be pushed to work or to get an education through financial incentives. Furthermore, it is important to emphasise that living with a disability, regardless of phase of life, is more expensive than it is for others to live.

As a starting point, in order to have the same opportunities as everyone else, people with disabilities need to be compensated for these additional expenses.

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