DHF wants a multifarious educational system.

According to the Danish Ministry of Education, the term ‘inclusion’ covers the development and well-being of as many children as possible, within the frames of the ordinary elementary school.
By creating and developing good personal relations, many pupils can be included in the ordinary classes, without them being negatively affected with regards to their well-being or professional skills.

However, we do not believe that the efforts made until now have been successful.

Inclusion must involve actual inclusion, where the child or youngster is part of both education, leisure life and the community, and not merely a means for storage. In order to achieve this, we must ensure an individual approach, in close dialogue with the child, youngster, and the family.

Different people - different needs
Special knowledge and access to the necessary resources must be ensured at the individual schools and educational institutions.

At the same time, it is important to acknowledge that there will be a continued need for specialised services that can help children and youngsters, who cannot be accommodated in a conventional education system.
These special offers must be established in co-operation with and across municipalities, which must ensure adequate special knowledge for the benefit of the individual child.

Furthermore, if the educational institution is located far from your home address, it should be possible to get compensation. On a national level, it must be ensured that regardless of your home address, everyone should have access to the special offers.

It is also important to understand that people with disabilities may need more time than other people, to perform a task, for instance as a consequence of pain or fatigue. This requires acknowledgement, understanding, and flexible arrangements in terms of extended period of studying, or the possibility of studying reduced hours.

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