DHF struggle for an accessible society in which all PWD's can live with the same opportunities as everyone else.

In DHF there is room for everyone with a physical disability. We are their necessary voice and persistent guard, their competent advisor and guide and the respected counterpart and partner of the authorities. 

DHF is part of the disability movement and cooperates locally, nationally and internationally. The association is controlled by the members and we believe in the possibilities and strength of the community. We are proud of our traditions and develop concurrently with time and with the members, as we have since 1925.

The vision of DHF is to create a network between persons with a physical disability and to strengthen the sense of community. We want to be leading within compensation, disability rights and accessibility. 

DHF is the essential association for young and older PWD's in Denmark and we make an effort every single day to spread the knowledge about our work to all relevant parties, members and coming members. 


Bliv medlem