Visiting Denmark

Useful links for when you visit Denmark.

From time to time, the Danish Association of the Physically Disabled (DHF) gets enquiries from tourists, who are unsure of what to do, when travelling with a disability.

As such, we do not engage in issues relating to tourism. However, we acknowledge that travelling with a disability in Denmark may be challenging, and that useful information may be hard to find. For this reason, we have gathered a list of links, which we hope may help answer your questions.

Please notice, that these links are merely offered as a service, and that DHF is not responsible for the content of the links, as these may be subject to change by the respective service providers.

Copenhagen Airport disability service
Copenhagen Airport offers travellers with disabilities a range of services, such as a special lounge to relax in before departure

Visit Denmark
Visit Denmark offers general information on where to stay and what to see in Denmark, and has a few links for places that are accessible for people with disabilities. 

Visit Copenhagen
Visit Copenhagen gives an overview of how to get around in Copenhagen, and offers suggestions for where to stay and what to see, when travelling with a disability.

God Adgang
God Adgang lists Danish service providers, who have had their facilities registered and labelled for accessibility. 

Transport and Disability in the EU
Nice to know about transport and reduced mobility in the EU.

If you cannot find what you are looking for on these websites, we recommend that you contact the local tourist office at the location you plan to visit.

For International students
If you have a disability and plan to study in Denmark, we recommend that you contact the specific institution, in which you wish to enroll.

For more general enquiries about being an exchange student with a disability in Denmark, we suggest that you contact SUMH - the Danish Association of Young People with Disabilitites - as they may be able to help you connect to specific networks or other relevant groups.

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