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DHF Membership
A membership at DHF brings benefits, such as access to counselling and to our 'personal advisor' service. Furthermore, you will receive our member magazine, Handicap-nyt, five times a year.

You will also get access to all the arrangements that are organised by the local branches, and which take place throughout the country. In addition, a DHF membership also gives you access to our summer houses in Hals in Northern Jutland, at a favourable cost, and you can purchase an additional ‘beach-card’, which gives you access to our beautiful beach in Charlottenlund, north of Copenhagen.

Yearly membership fee: 
Individuals DKK 320,00 Couples/family membership DKK 480,00.

Please notice that the couple/family membership only applies to persons who share the same address.

You can apply for membership here.

As the membership application form is currently only available in Danish, please contact us at +45 39 29 35 55, should you have any questions regarding the application procedure.



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