the bolivian disability movement

Great tradition for organisation, a strong commitment and fighting spirit.

Located in South America, Bolivia has a population of approximately 10 million people, of which about 10 percent has a disability.

Although, the history of the Bolivian disability movement goes back to 1956, the country still faces substantial social problems and poverty.
Furthermore, there is a vast number of organisations of disabled persons, due to a division by subjects such as occupation and geographic location, rather than by type of disability.

In general, the disability movement is quite weak and fragmented, both organisationally and administratively.
However, there is great capacity and great willingness to mobilise and to work for own funds, both as a leader and as a member.

Bolivia has ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and its optional protocol.
DHF has been involved with strengthening Disabled People’s Organisations in Bolivia since 2011 and the long-term objective is that the Bolivian disability movement, through advocacy work, can achieve lasting improvements to the living conditions of people with disabilities.

Our partners in Bolivia
FEBOLDI – the national association of relatives to children with intellectual disabilities 
FEBOLDOPSI – the national association of people with mental health disabilities
FEBOPDIF – the national association of the physically disabled
FEBOS – the national association of the deaf
FENACIEBO – the national association of the blind

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