Vietnam - a nation in growth

Vietnam is in economic growth – yet inequality is substantial and the disability movement is weak.

Vietnam has a population of more than 95 million people, of which it is estimated that 8-10 percent have a disability, many as a result of the Vietnam War, and also a consequence of polio and accidents.

For a number of years, Vietnam has experienced strong economic growth. Yet, although the country’s communist government attempts to develop a welfare society, the economic growth has led to substantial inequality.

Furthermore, as a consequence of the economic growth, many donors have ceased to give development aid, or as Denmark, restructured the aid to include other types of support, such as aid for businesses.

How we contribute
In general, people with disabilities are weakly organised.

The strongest Disabled People’s Organisation is DP-Hanoi, which is an umbrella organisation covering the capital Hanoi and the entire province of Hanoi, which counts 29 districts.

Outside of Hanoi the number of Disabled People's Organisations is limited, and they all have limited capacity. DHF has co-operated with local Organisations of Disabled Persons in northern Vietnam (Hanoi, Ha Nam, Nam Dinh, Thai Binh, Hai Duong and Thai Nguyen) with the objective to strengthen the organisational development, and to support joint activities that can strengthen exchange of experiences between the co-operating organisations.

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