Good Basket

From baskets to wheelchairs

Bolgatanga is located in north-eastern Ghana, in an area with drought and limited potential for cultivating the soil. For this reason, a production of arts and crafts has become tradition, and the Bolgatanga-baskets in particular, are well known.

The beautiful Bolgatanga-baskets are braided by persons with disabilities from Ghana.
The  baskets are made of elephant grass, which is divided and rolled into strands that are used for braiding.

So far, more than 100 basket-weavers have been educated through one of DHF’s development projects. The production of these baskets is the first job these people have had the chance to do, and thus it is important for them to be able to contribute to the family household.

When the baskets are sold, the surplus is returned to Ghana, where it is used to purchase and distribute wheelchairs and tri-cycles for people with disabilities. Each recipient is pre-identified, in order to ensure that the wheelchair or tricycle is manufactured to meet the recipients' individual needs.

You can purchase the hand-braided baskets at our headquarters in Taastrup or in our webshop


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