Supporting the Ghana Society of the Physically Disabled

From Loan-saving groups to hand-braided baskets

DHFs partner in Ghana is the Ghana Society of the Physically Disabled (GSPD).

Since 2001, we have worked together on various projects funded by DPOD (the Danish umbrella), the Danish Youth Council, The Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA) and the Danish Disability Fund.
DANIDA is the section of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs dedicated to providing aid and financing pro-development activities in developing countries worldwide 

From 2010 and ending in 2019 our co-operation was organised through a joint project partnership between a number of Ghanaian and Danish Disability Organisations, with the intention of building unity and capacity of the disability movement as a whole, for advocating for rights for people with disabilities in Ghanaian society.
We have worked with GSPD in building capacities of local branches for advocacy and livelihoods work.

During the last decade, the Ghanaian movement has achieved significant results in improving livelihoods of people with disabilities, and accessing government services. The membership of the disability movement has more than doubled.

A special achievement for GSPD has been the official adoption in 2010 of the Ghana Accessibility Standard by the Ghanaian Government, regulating accessibility of the built environment. The Standard was developed by GSPD in 2012, with the support of DHF. DHF´s support is now focusing on building capacities of Regional Branches of GSPD to lift members out of poverty by including people with disabilities in mainstream rural development.
In this context, a volunteer group in DHF works with GSPD in north-eastern Ghana, on the production and export of hand-braided baskets. The project is marketed in Denmark under the name ‘’Good Basket’’.

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