Vietnam in growth

The economic development in Vietnam has not made our work unnecessary. Inequality is still extensive and the disability movement is not strong.

The Vietnamese population is about 94 million people of which 8-10% has a disability. Many got their disability in the Vietnam war, other got it from accidents or after polio. Vietnam’s economic growth is strong (6,7% in 2015) and GDP is 2111 USD per capita. The growth has led to increased inequality even though the governing communist party is working on the development of a welfare state. The growth has resulted in decreased development aid or a shift to business investments, like in Denmark’s case.

Persons with disabilities (PWD’s) are weakly organized in general. The current strongest disability organization DP-Hanoi is an umbrella which covers the capital Hanoi and the province Hanoi, where 8 million people live in a total of 29 districts. There are only a limited number of disability organizations outside of Hanoi, all with very little capacity. Except for the visually impaired.

The Danish Association of the Physical Disabled (DHF) and PTU has begun a project with 3 organizations of PWD’s in the provinses south of Hanoi and a national umbrella. The organizations are Nam Dinh, Ha Namh og Binh Din. The project will run from 2014-2017 with a budget of 2.5 million DKK. The project will support capacity building of the organizations in the 3 provinses and common activities which can strengthen exchange of experience between the partners in the project. The project is financed by Handicappuljen.

DHF and PTU run an office in Hanoi with two local employees who take care of the implementation of the project and advise our partners.

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