Polio, war and traffic accidents are some of the reasons that four million people in Uganda has a disability. They are among the poorest part of the population.

In Uganda there's a lot of persons with disabilities (PWD's) after a long civil war, polio epidemics and a dangerous traffic in a bad infrastructure. A good estimate is that 10% of the 40 million population has a disability. The recent years PWD's has strengthened their rights but they are still among the most poor of the population.

The disability movement are quite big in Uganda, with the umbrella NUDIPU as the greatest player. During the long time The Danish Association of the Physical Disabled (DHF) has been engaged in Uganda, we have primarily cooperated with the organization UNAPD (Uganda National Action on Physical Disability).

UNAPD is an organization of persons with a physical disability who represents most of the country but are strongest in the capital Kampala. UNAPD has doubled its activities and members since 2002, where DHF began cooperation. They are strong on rights work for better accessibility and has developed a standard for accessibility in new building. The standard is now part of Ugandan legislation. 

The financial budget for our cooperation with UNAPD has been about one million DKK per year. 

Recent years, DHF has widened its group of partners in Uganda and from 2014 to 2017 we have a great joint project with UNAPD, SIA (the Ugandan spinal cord injured organization), BISOU (the Ugandan brain damage association) and from Denmark: The Danish brain damage organization and the Danish disability sport association- The project objective is to help PWD's to get better access to public services like health, education and poverty reduction. We also work to establish disability sports as a way to organize and rehabilitate. 

Please contact Program Officer Sven Gårn Hansen on mail, for further information on the DHF development work in Uganda. 

See the UNAPD member magazine here.



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