The Danish Association of the Disabled (DHF) made its first project in Nicaragua in 1990 and have supported the disability movement there ever since.

Nicaragua is in Central America with a population of 6 mio. people. 10% are considered to have a disability. Nicaragua was a political uneasy in the 1980’s where rebels, supported by USA fought against the left wing government. The conflict killed about 30.000 people and an even greater number suffered with a disability. 

The DHF work in Nicaragua
The first years DHF was active with development work, we supported various workshops for PWD's, but since 1995 the subject has been to strengthen the administrative and organizational capacity of the disability movement and the capacity to do rights work. 

DHF estimates that the disability movement In Nicaragua now has become so strong that it can maintain and attract new members, are able to administer funds in a transparent way and has obtained a democratic structure where members has influence and capacity to do meaningful rights work and capacity to seek funds for projects and to complete them. 

In 2013 DHF therefore shut down its office which has been operating since 1990 in Nicaragua. In the period of 2013-2016 DHF only supported the umbrella Feconori with limited funds. Support to other partners terminated in 2013. From February 2016 all financial support has ended but we still has contact to former partners to make exchange of experiences. 

Nicaragua has ratified the UN disability Convention and the additional protocol. 

Would you like to know more about our work in Nicaragua, please contact Program Officer Henry Lind on tel.: +45 50 19 47 21 or email

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