Bringing our experiences into play for the benefit of as many people as possible.

We bring our experiences into play by offering businesses, job centres, organisations and funds our knowledge of, and methods for, working with and for people with disabilities.

We act as a sparring partner regarding organisational and managerial development, CSR strategy and accessibility, which have always been key issues for us.

Furthermore, as part of ‘Beskæftigelsesalliancen’ (a joint co-operation between businesses, unemployment benefit offices, unions and local authorities), we work for dismantling barriers and for promoting employment for people with disabilities, through labour market projects.

In order to generally improve conditions for people with disabilities, we want to maximise the use of the resources and competences, we have. This work is a natural extension of DHF’s values, in which we see ourselves as bridge builders between public, private and civil society.
With this work we make concrete contributions in relation to dismantling barriers and putting down biases and misunderstandings.

Our services
At DHF we have more than 90 years of experience within the area of disability policy and this particular knowledge is what distinguishes us from other providers of consultancy services.

We offer classical consultancy services such as project organisation and management, and we do so with both our extensive knowledge and experience, and with our function as a voluntary organisation as reference point.

Our consultants
Our consultants are diverse, and so are their backgrounds and the experiences, they bring into play. Some are employed and some are volunteers, some have years of experience within projects and management, others have extensive knowledge of legislation and practical measures in relation to people with disabilities.

The common denominator between the consultants’ individual competences is that they have insight into, and an understanding of how civil society works most optimally, when the individual elements work together. And they are happy to share this knowledge.

Co-operating partners
When the tasks require external expertise, we engage a wide network of co-operating partners, and to the extent it makes sense and can improve any problem solving, we enter into a dialogue with our customers about their use.Our partners may be researchers, aid manufacturers, politicians, and last but not least, those around which our work revolves: people with disabilities. 

Support The Danish Association of the Physically Disabled

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