Honduras is the most violent country in the world outside war zones and has very little experience with organization.

Honduras is  located in Central America and has a population of 10 million. Honduras struggle with extreme crime and has the higest murder rate outside  war zones. There is, like in many Central American countries huge inequality and corruption. Crime and the lack of an organized structure makes it a  great challenge to build up a strong disability movement which actually represents persons with a disability (PWD's).

The work of The Danish Association of the Physical Disabled (DHF) in Honduras
DHF has been involved in strenghtening disability organizations in Honduras since 2006. DHF have five partners who all are national organizations of PWD's and  the umbrellla of disability organizations.

DHF's work in Honduras is part of a program where also the disability movement in Bolivia is suppoerted and there is also cooperation with other disability movements in Latin America, e.g. Nicaragua. 

The purpose of the cooperation is to strenghten the disability movement organizational with the final object that it leads to better living conditions for PWD's through rights work. 

Our work in Honduras is coordinated by a local DHF office with four employees

Honduras has ratified the Disability Convention and the additional protocol. 

For further information please contact Program Officer Henry Lind on 
tel +45 50 19 47 21 or mail:, or the 
DHF representative in Honduras, Maycol Guerero (only spanish) on:

See the Latin American homepage of DHF

The DHF partners in Honduras:

  • FENOPDIH: Umbrella for organizations of adults with disabilities.
  • UNCIH: The national organization of the visually impaired.
  • AHLMYS: The national organization of physically disabled, especially spinal cord injured. 
  • ANS: The national organization of hearing impaired.
  • FENAPAPEDISH: Umbrella of local organizations of parents to children with disabilities.

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