In 2001 the Danish Association of the Physical Disabled (DHF) engaged in Africa with development work. The first country was Ghana.

DHF has cooperated with Ghana Society of the Physically Disabled (GSPD) since 2001. GSPD has about 16.000 members.

DHF has participated in projects financed by DPOD (the Danish disability umbrella), the Danish Youth Council, DANIDA and Handicappuljen (the disability pool).

Since 2010 we have cooperated with Dansk Blindesamfund (the blind)  Danske Døves Landsforbund (the deaf) and LEV (the intellectual disabled) in a joint project whit (from Ghana) has GFD (the disability umbrella), GNAD (the deaf), GBU (the blind) and IG (the of intellectual disabled) as partners. The objective is to strengthen the capacity to do rights work and cooperate in the Ghanesian disability movement. There is substantial achievement getting access to poverty reduction programs. This has increased PWD's income and doubled the number of members in the disability organizations. 

The specific organizations has their own components. GSPD work for better accessibility in schools and on developing a model for saving-groups. The idea is that PWD's put money in a pool from which the group members afterwards can get a smaller loan to start up small income creating activities. There is a voluntary group in DHF who cooperates with local  groups from GSPD in northern Ghana on educating weavers with disabilities and exporting handmade baskets. The project is called Good Basket. 

If you wish to know more about the DHF development work, please contact Program Officer Sven Gårn Hansen on e-mail:

See the GSPD member magazine here.


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