Although the disability movement in Bolivia arose way back in 1956  citizens with disabilities are still struggling  with major social problems and poverty.

Bolivia is located in South America in the Andes and has a population of approximately 10 million. inhabitants, of which about 1 million have a disability. Bolivia is about 25 times larger than Denmark, and has vast areas covered respectively by mountains and rainforests. Approximately half of the population are indigenous people and the country has Latin America's only native president.

The disability movement
Parts of the Bolivian disability movement is quite old, as for example the organization of the blind emerged in 1956. There is an extremely large number of disability organizations in Bolivia, which in contrast to the trend in many other parts of the world, are not divided by type of disability, but more after occupation and geographic location.

In general, the disability movement in Bolivia is quite weak and divided, organizational and especially administratively. There are temporary high capacity to mobilize and great willingness to work with their own resources, both as a leader and as a member. Bolivia has ratified the international convention on disability, but has not yet submitted its first report to the UN.

The effort in Bolivia from The Danish Association of the Physical Disabled (DHF)
DHF has been involved in strengthening disability organizations in Bolivia since 2011. DHF cooperate with six regular partners, all of which are national organizations of PWD's or umbrella organization of PWD's.

The work in Bolivia is part of a program where also the disability movement in Honduras is supported, and where there is contact with other disability movements in Latin America including Nicaragua.

The purpose of this work is to strengthen the disability movement organisationally, but with the end goal that the Bolivian disability movement can achieve lasting improvements in the living conditions of PWD's through its rights work.

There is a DHF office in Bolivia with three employees.

For further information please contact Program Officer Henry Lind on tel +45 50 19 47 21 or mail:, or the DHF representative in Honduras, Maycol Guerero (in spanish) on:

See the Latin American homepage of DHF 

The DHF partners in Honduras:

  • FENOPDIH: Umbrella for organizations of adults with disabilities.
  • UNCIH: The national organization of the visually impaired.
  • AHLMYS: The national organization of physically disabled, especially spinal cord injured. 
  • ANS: The national organization of hearing impaired.
  • FENAPAPEDISH: Umbrella of local organizations of parents to children with disabilities.


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